Morocco is within close proximity of Europe but a world away as far as lifestyle and visual appearances goes. If I had to describe this country or the visit in a single word it would be, “amazing”. The diversity between cities (those visited were: Casablanca, Rabat, Fez, Erfoud, Quarzazate & Marrekesh) is incredible and the beauty breathtaking. I especially enjoyed traveling through the mid Atlas mountain, visiting the medinas, ancient ruins and the Sahara desert which was complete with a camel ride, sand dunes and the setting sun.

Visiting the medinas and its souks is an incredible experiences all of its own. When you are inside the medinas (whether it’s the one in Fez or Marrakesh) it’s as if you’ve taken a walk back in time. I can’t imagine navigating such a place without an experience guide, and it’s extremely important to have sturdy comfortable walking shoes.

The cobblestone alleyways are very narrow. And you’ll find donkeys, peddler’s carts, bicycles and mopeds all over the place. Most shopkeepers will happily oblige you with a photo opportunity, however, be prepared to pay for it, and do ask permission before snapping the picture. The tannery in Fez is also a “not” to be missed spot. Yes, the smell can be a bit overwhelming, so go with a mint leave in hand, because it’s so worth the experience.