Yep. We all love our mothers. Moms are usually showered with candy, flowers, brunch at the fancy restaurants, spa certificates, special trips, etc., etc. And I can’t lie, they deserve every bit of that attention but there are plenty of wonderful fathers out there that don’t get the respect they deserve.

My mother, aunts and Grandma all said that my Grandfather Arthur, “Polo” as he was affectionately known, was an incredible man and father. He was jack of all trades, a businessman, a farmer and a carpenter, a protector and a leader. He passed away before I was born, so I never got the chance to experience his love first hand.

My grandma once told me the story of how he built their first home. Chopping wood, laying the foundation, putting up the walls, sunrise to sunset and days of working away to build shelter for his family. It was a one room log cabin and at the time they had two kids, my aunt Rosa Lee and Uncle Jimmy. Four people living in a one room house. My grandmother said she was so proud just to have a home she could call her own. Simple, a roof over her family’s head, built by the man she loved. I still remember the smile on her face when she told me that story.

Over 25 years ago my grandmother give me the tape measure my grandfather used to build that cabin. I was too young to understand its significance and lost it soon after she gave it to me. It had no monetary value but it meant the world to my grandmother. Too bad I’ll never be able to get back my grandfather’s tape measure and I regret my carelessness every time I think of him. Losing that tape measure was one of the reasons why I got into the collectibles business.

Famous treasured objects are a part of world history; other objects carry a personal story and are treasured by loved ones. For the past few years I’ve been saving objects for the next generation, items that may never become famous treasures but will hopefully become a part of some loved ones’ personal story.

I didn’t know Grandpa Arthur but I’m blessed to know plenty of other good fathers. My uncle Ned, friends Joe, Walker and Derek, cousins Wallace, Tyrone, Gary and Cornelius, to name a few. In general, good dads get a bad deal when it comes to being showered with gifts or attention on a regular basis. So, today I give a special shout-out to the good fathers in our lives.

Let’s remember to celebrate them not just on Father’s Day or the holidays, salute them anytime the mood hits you. Let’s make sure the good men know we love and thank them for being protectors and a leaders.

If there is something special you’d like to share about your father let us know. We will be happy to publish your sentiments in an upcoming issue of CJ’s newsletter.