Time does not come to us. We must reconnect and create time and space for the joys and pleasure in our lives.

For so many of us, we have lost touch with time. We are most often operating in overload and overwhelm with work and personal responsibilities and obligations. As a result, we may have lost touch with things and activities that formerly gave us pleasure.

Some of us are so consumed with the myriad of tasks/busywork in our lives that we may not even miss what we’ve lost or stopped doing for fun. These are now just absent from our radar.

The reasons here are many perhaps, but the outcome is the same. We are simply existing and not really living life to the fullest. Let’s rethink this and question ourselves reflectively.

  • Why are we doing some of the tasks we press to do?
  • What obligatory things can we remove off of our plates?
  • Where can we make space for our own rest, calm, laughter and joy?
  • What are our personal choices for activities that restore us, make us smile, and allow us to exhale?
  • What measures can we take to tenaciously prioritize a redesign of a life that serves our best interest?

Work is a necessity and a service of honor. What we choose to do in and around our service and caregiving determines the quality of our lives.

According to Bishop Carl Smith, “We are born looking like our parents. When we die, we look like the decisions we’ve made.”

Choose to live, and if you need, you and I can have some conversations.


Guest Contributer
Beverly Kyer, MSW, ACSW
CEO & Founder, The Kyer Group Corp

A National Service
E-mail: beverly@beverlykyer.com